• CDJオリジナルのBROMPTONパーツの再販を開始いたします!


We have a rich experience of designing and producing carbon parts for automobiles and motorcycle so many years.Since we’ve got involved bicycle repair and custom, We’ve been looking for something new.And then we eventually found Brompton could be suitable for our intention.Very Welcome and relish lightheartedly.



CarbonDry Protec is our original and very special technic. We have acquired the utility model patent.
We produce the CFRP on the metal material directly. 
Before working, all painting must be cleaned off so weight will gain very few. 3k twilled carbon cloth makes elegance and gorgeous.

■重量比較Weight Comparison
ノーマル (Original PROTEC仕様 (Protec
ハンドルポスト (Handle Post 0.7kgs 0.7kgs
フロントフォーク (Front Fork 0.7kgs 0.7kgs
メインフレーム (Main Frame 2.0kgs 2.1kgs
リアフレーム (Rear Frame 0.8kgs 0.9kgs

■施行費用Labor Charge
PROTEC TYPE-R クリア仕上げ/マットクリア仕上げ
Gloss or Matte clear can be selectable
ハンドルポスト (Handle Post ¥70,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax
フロントフォーク (Front Fork ¥80,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax
メインフレーム (Main Frame ¥120,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax
リアフレーム (Rear Frame ¥120,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax
*ノーマルパーツは含まれません。(Original parts is not included)
*脱着工賃は含まれません。(Any other expense is not included)



We produce all original parts for Brompton with pride and persistency. it must be beautiful and cool.
Additionally functionable and lightweight. As a matter of course practical strength and usability are also very important.


CDJカーボン シートポスト (CDJ Dry Carbon Seat Post) ¥33,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax)
●国内ドライカーボン3K綾織 クリア仕上げ
●Dry CF 3K twilled gloss finish, Made in Japan
●550mm long, 31.7mm OD
●Aluminum seat clamp included, 43mm saddle rails

CDJリアヒンジリペアキット (CDJ Rear Hinge Reapir kit) ¥3,900/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax)
●The kit emoval several times made in Japan
●Makes you easier maintenance and clean up
●Pivot shaft SUS303, fixing bolts SUS304

CDJカーボンハンドルバー タイプS (CDJ Carbon Handlebar Type-S)
¥18,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax)
●ドライカーボン 3K綾織 クリア仕上げ
●Dry CF 3K twilled gloss finish
●580mm long, 25.4mm CD, 130g weight

CDJカーボンハンドルバー タイプM (CDJ Carbon Handlebar Type-M) ¥22,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax)
●ドライカーボン 3K綾織 クリア仕上げ
●Dry CF 3K twilled gloss finish
●520mm long, 25.4mm CD, 145g weight
●Up 95mm, Up-CC 140mm

CDJ ヒンジクランプセット (CDJ Hinge Clamp set) ¥12,000/税抜 (JPY, ex Tax)
●ドライカーボン 3K 綾織 クリアまたはマット
●Dry CF 3K twilled gloss or matte finish
●Weight 12g each (genuine 27g each)
●SUS black washer and rubber o-ring included