Totally changed to Plastic pulleys called AURUM + CF30 is one of Super Engineering Plastic. It’s very strong almost same strength as Aluminum #6063. But very light nearly half of its aluminum. It contains 30% carbon fiber so that appearance color is like dark green with marble which is so unique. Certainly mechanical noise goes quieter than metal pulleys. Confidently those are made in Japan.
  • PROPERTY AURUM+CF30 Aluminum #6063
    Specific Gravity 1.43 2.7
    Compared Weight 15T 5.2g 15T 9.5g
    Tensile Strength 234MPa 240MPa
    Melt Point 250℃(482℉) 620℃ (1,148℉)
    Slide Friction Less than 0.2 Friction rate is very High
    *CDJ V3 pulley set (12/15T) is 4.8g lighter than CDJ Aluminum pulley set (11/15T).
Guide pulley is 12T  and tension pulley is 15T. Carbon pulley cage is the same as present ones. So if you already use the CDJ big pulley kit, you can change V3 pulley set with some adjustment. Approx. 2% will be improved. Drop 4.8g weight.
  • R9100/R8000 Series
  • R91xx/R80xx middle
  • 90/68/79/67
  • 90/68/79/67 middle
  • 90/68/79/67 evo
  • e-Tap/Red22,Force
  • e-Tap/Red22,Force middle
  • S,Record11sp/etc
  • S,Record11sp/etc middle
  • S,Record11sp/etc evo
Guide pulley is 12T and tension pulley is 17T. Carbon pulley cage is brand-new design and larger than present ones. Total capacity is also larger than 11T/15T.
  • R91xx/R80xx
  • R91xx/R80xx
  • 90/68/79/67
  • 90/68/79/67
  • Middle V3 PLUS R91xx/R80xx
  • Middle V3 PLUS R91xx/R80xx
  • Middle V3 PLUS R91xx/R80xx
  • e-Tap/Red22,Force
  • e-Tap/Red22,Force
  • S,Record11sp/etc
  • S,Record11sp/etc
■Comparison of V3 and V3 PLUS
  • R91xx/R80xx
  • e-Tap/Red22,Force
  • S,Record11sp/etc
*Remarks:約=approx,プーリーピッチ=distance of pulley center
V3 V3 PLUS Middle V3 / Middle V3 PLUS
11-28T ◎ recommended ◎ recommended △ can be used but unrecommended
11-30T ◎ recommended
11-32T △ inner-top can not be used ◎ recommended
11-34T △ depends the setting ◎ recommended
Since we have determined the friction of the pulleys by our accurate measuring instrument, we have found that there are some emphasis points for reducing the friction loss. Then we have tried to check many times for that then decide much smoother than before. Now we chose 12T as the upper guide pulley because it goes together the shifting performance and better reducer. Both 15T or 17T tension pulleys are quite similar effect but certainly character is slightly different. 12T/17T combination is top side gears better than 12T/15T such as TT, Triathlon or long riding can be worth. But you can select it as you like. Please refer our measured data.
Equipment Condition
Measurement Motor ORIENTALMOTOR BLM230HP Rated Capacity 30 W
Motor Controller ORIENTALMOTOR BMUD30-A2 Rated torque 0.096 N・m
Wiring Harness ORIENTALMOTOR CC01HBLB Reduction Gear Ratio 5
Component SHIMANO 105 Cadence 100 rpm
Rear Deailleur SHIMANO 6800 Rear Wheel No-Load
Rear Stand QUATTRO Trainer Measurement Range Motor Load Factor 40%~140%
Hardware NIC AUTOTEC Measurement Place In Doors
R9100/R8000 Series present short model(11-15T) ¥42,500
V3 (12-15T) ¥43,000
V3 PLUS (12-17T) ¥43,500
present middle model (11-15T) ¥44,500
Middle V3 (12-15T) ¥45,000
Middle V3 PLUS (12-17T) ¥45,500
9000/6800/7900/6700 Series present short model (11-15T) ¥38,000
present EVO model (11-15T) ¥42,000
V3 (12-15T) ¥38,500
V3 EVO (12-15T) ¥42,500
V3 PLUS (12-17T) ¥39,000
present middle model (11-15T) ¥40,000
Middle V3 (12-15T) ¥42,000
SRAM Red22/E-TAP Series present short model (11-15T) ¥43,000
V3 (12-15T) ¥43,500
V3 PLUS (12-17T) ¥44,000
present middle model (11-15T) ¥45,000
Middle V3 (12-15T) ¥46,000
CAMPAGNOLO 11sp,S,RECORD/RECORD/etc present short model(11-15T) ¥42,000
present EVO model (11-15T) ¥46,000
V3 (12-15T) ¥43,000
V3 EVO (12-15T) ¥46,500
V3 PLUS (12-17T) ¥44,000
present middle model (11-15T) ¥44,000
Middle V3 (12-15T) ¥46,000
CDJ V3 Pulley set (12-15T) HYBRID CERAMIC BEARINGS ¥7,800
V3 PLUS Pulley set (12-17T) HYBRID CERAMIC BEARINGS ¥8,000
* Matte color of the Carbon Pulley cages is standard.
* Gloss colors(Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) are optional. Add-on charge ¥2,000
* Custom color request is acceptable. Ask us in details.
* Hybrid ceramic bearing is standard.
* Full ceramic bearing is optional. Add-on charge ¥6,000
* 11-15T pulley set or those models will be end-of-life once stocks are sold out.
* All kit is not included the derailleur.
* The price is not included any tax.
Carbon pulley cage color is variously available. Matte color is standard. Gloss colors ( Clear, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) are optional and ¥2,000 (ex tax) additional charge.

Hybrid ceramic bearing is standard. Sealed type bearings are easy to maintenance but still very low friction. Full ceramic bearing is option and ¥6,000 (ex tax) additional charge when you place an order the big pulley kit. Not only balls are made of ceramic but also inner and outer housing are ceramic. In addition, side bearing cover is not touched to inner housing so there is small gap. This means no friction at all. But we recommend you to use the CDJ tuning oil for maintenance.
If you want to get a special color big pulley kit, please let us know what your image. Basically we have a cutting machine so can make logos, lines and mark on the carbon pulley cage. Of course, painting custom is also available. Cost may vary, it depends on the image. Caution ; Official logos can not be accepted without permission.
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